episodes of pokemon i hope they never make

  • Upon becoming a baron at the Battle Chateau, Ash quickly learns that no matter how successful he becomes, being “new money” means he’ll never win the respect of his peers.
  • Everyone finds out that Professor Oak faked his zoology degree, and he’s consequently forced to resign. He signs up at Greendale Community College in an attempt to fast-track his way back into his old career. (Just kidding, I would 100% watch this one.)
  • Not knowing what she’s agreeing to, Dawn takes up a Nuzlocke challenge. Piplup pays the price for her ignorance.
  • Ash gets a Master Ball and accidentally uses it on a Goldeen.
  • Team Rocket actually, impossibly, and totally accidentally manages to pull off one of their villainous schemes. The guilt destroys them. Jessie’s hair deflates. Meowth stops speaking. Koffing hasn’t left its Pokeball in weeks.
  • Ash catches a Yamask. The mask it carries is eerily familiar, but he can’t place it. Trying to figure out its identity becomes an obsession that begins to consume him. His friends have different ideas about its identity, but say nothing. Brock doesn’t have the heart to ask him how long it’s been since he’s seen his father. Misty doesn’t have the nerve to ask him how long it’s been since he looked in a mirror.
  • Our hero, Tracey Sketchit, is on his latest adventure! What are you talking about? Tracey is the hero. There has never been another main character. There is only Tracey. There has only ever been Tracey.