this week in “things on the internet that delighted me”

This week I began the painful business of sorting through my bookmarks folder. It would be okay if I ever bothered to give bookmarks a name that actually said what they were, but nope, it’s all mystery all the time. On the plus side, some of the rediscoveries were fantastic.

  • Do you like Disney? Comics about depression, the complications of fame and fortune, and the strange ways they intersect, interact, and interfere with friendship and love? When you realize that you’re crying and you’re not quite sure when or why you started? I’m not really big on any of those things, honestly, but I LOVED Boys’ Night anyway.
  • I had this beautiful picture bookmarked in my reference folder. I wish I could say it was for an academic purpose, or just for sheer artistic/aesthetic appreciation, but I’m 99% sure I saved it because I wanted to build it in Minecraft.¬†Anyway, the photographer’s gallery is pretty stellar — abandoned buildings, beautiful landscapes, the occasional action shot of Spider-Man.
  • I don’t knit (not for lack of trying), but if you do, you should definitely check out this pattern for a tree of Gondor scarf. And then you should make one for me.
  • Antarctic Sue recently finished working her sixth season in Antarctica; she posts daily pictures when she’s down there, and they’re absolutely stunning.
  • Five must-visit oddity museums. I’ve only made it to one on this list — the Pitt Rivers Museum, which was cluttered and weird and consequently perfect. I’m going to have to make it to the others, though. (Flayed 18th century cadavers, I mean, come on, I am THERE.)
  • Finally, a house that was taken over by animals. You need to go see all of them¬†right now, oh my goodness.