this week in “things on the internet that delighted me”

Captain America 2 just came out. I saw it on Thursday and I was the happiest person on earth. This has absolutely nothing to do with any of this week’s links, except for how I’m consequently filled with joy and enthusiasm about basically everything. Captain America 2 felt like a hug for my soul, and now everything is all marshmallows and kittens and CAPSLOCK ENTHUSIASM ABOUT THESE LINKS I AM ABOUT TO SHARE.

  • First up, ESPRESSO CHIP PANCAKES! I recently made cookies with coffee-flavoured chocolate chips and they were so good I was eating a bunch first thing every morning, so I think I need to try this recipe — if nothing else, they’re more socially acceptable as a breakfast food, probably.
  • Next we have a photo project where the only source of light is body paint under black light. Stunning results!
  • I actually made something for Ghibli Jam this year! Except I never submitted it, because I was waaaaay too intimidated by all the talented participants. Maybe next year! Until then, go look at all the fantastic submissions I was intimidated by.
  • Since I clearly need drawing practice if I’m too scared to send a doodle in for a totally consequence-free celebration of something, I’ve been playing around with this excellent drawing tool — meet your new best friend AtarichanDrawer, which generates a figure for you to draw. It’s really great as both a learning tool and a way to get your brain going for warmup sketches.
  • DIY Harry Potter Monopoly game! I WANT SEVEN.
  • This interview with Elder Scrolls loremaster Lawrence Schick popped up three times in my feed yesterday before I could make myself click it. That is my DREAM JOB right there and I am such a jealous rage-beast after looking at this article, but it’s also a really fun read. My favourite part of any RPG is getting to know the history and culture of the world, and TES is the absolute best when it comes to that kind of thing.
  • Finally, and most importantly, tomorrow is the start of BAT APPRECIATION WEEK, the greatest and most important of all weeks! Do you appreciate bats? If not, what the hell is wrong with you, bats are great. They’re also seriously endangered — check out Bat Conservation International to learn how you can help save them.

Anyway, that’s all for this week — duty calls! By which I mean I’m on my way to Cap 2 again.


this week in “things on the internet that delighted me”

It’s February 15th, aka the most important day of the year: the day that Valentines Day candy gets marked down. I’m pretty excited for all the marshmallow hearts I’m gonna eat, you have no idea.

Here’s a few things to look at while you’re munching on discount chocolates!

  • If the extreme right-wingers are right and gay marriage is the start of a slippery slope where society will crumble because people will be marrying, like, five million dogs and a lamp wearing a wig, I hope I’ll be allowed to marry this Ricardo Sternberg poem that went up recently.
  • This kickstarter, for an illustrated limited edition of a YA novel, is already fully backed and has some kickass bonuses. Even if you’re not feeling the story (the author has the first 50 pages on her blog, so you can find out!), it’s worth checking out just for the artwork. If the weird marriage dystopia previously mentioned becomes a reality, I’m also going to marry the Brett Weldele piece from this project.
  • Gorgeous, gorgeous realistic Pokemon art done as a field guide.
  • Photos from a ridiculously fantastic Alice in Wonderland-themed project. Seriously, check it out, because I don’t even know how to begin describing it. I found it through one of the artists’ websites; their outrageously cool pinhole camera photography was going around on Tumblr awhile back.
  • This is a recipe for cheesy bacon ranch pull-apart bread. I haven’t made it yet, so I can’t vouch for its tastiness. I just thought you should know that it exists. It’s a thing. It could be yours. You’re welcome.