it’s gonna be may

I was going to make the requisite NSYNC joke, but then the president beat me to it. Thanks, Obama.

thanks obama

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Anyway, spring is here, and St. John’s is still much a dead, brown, barren wasteland. Which is way better than a barren wasteland covered in salty, dirty mountains of snow, so I’ll take it!

Very Important Statistics for April:

  • Emails sent/received about Captain America: 3711
  • Episodes of Scooby Doo watched: 34
  • Money left in my pocket after a cutthroat rummoli game: $0.35
  • Cryptic messages left to myself in my phone when waking up in the middle of the night: 3
  • Bioware characters successfully romanced: 2
  • Library fines accidentally racked up from an Old Norse textbook I’ve had out for over a year and never once opened: $8.002
  • Weird contraptions MacGyvered in attempt to retrieve wayward koosh ball from shed roof: 4
  • Fights gotten into because someone was painfully, stubbornly wrong on the internet: ZERO, because I am a true hero and all should admire my restraint

…I swear this all seemed way less pathetic when I was living it. I’ve been crossing things off my to-do list left and right, so it feels like it’s been a fantastic, successful month, but I’m pretty sure one does not win the Internet Olympics by posting about how they cleaned out their makeup drawer or decoded the weirdly incoherent instruction booklet for the sewing machine. Anyway, May’s got lots of fun things to do and shiny things to take pictures of, so here’s to a way less painfully dull stats post.

1 Did you know gmail automatically starts a new email conversation after 100 emails? I do now!

2 LUCKILY, I’m pretty sure the librarian who scanned my returned books took pity on me and made it all go away. Thanks, librarian! You are a true pal. May your joys be many, your sorrows few, and your fingers immune to papercuts.


marchin’ into april

Happy April! I hope none of you get (or got) pranked too badly. I hate April Fools’ Day — mischief is best when it’s subtle and clever and creative, and stuff like shaving cream on doorknobs or jumping out at people and saying ‘boo’ is entirely lacking in all of those qualities.[1] [2] Why is April Fools’ Day even a thing? I consulted Wikipedia, but it’s as clueless as I am on this topic.

thanks. wiki, real helpful

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Anyway, this March wasn’t too shabby! Here’s my Very Important Statistics for the month:

  • Plates of spaghetti eaten in the span of one week: 10+
  • Friends who contacted me to make sure I was dealing with the death of my favourite TV character: 3
  • People in Gumby costumes encountered in mosh pits at Andrew W.K. shows: 1
  • Bioware characters successfully romanced: 3
  • Armor pieces crafted: 4
  • Marvel movies watched in a frantic bid to refresh knowledge of MCU continuity before seeing Cap 2 this Thursday: 7
  • Shiny Pokemon received from GTS/Wonder Trade: 2 (!)
  • Times fallen over during yoga: 4
  • Cans of mushroom soup hidden in someone else’s bed: 1
  • Blog posts I failed to make: pretty much all of them

I’m going to do better this month! In terms of blogging, anyway; I know there’s no way I’m doing any better in terms of weird encounters with Gumby.


[1] That said, I will laugh at whoopee cushions forever, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to anything I say about pranks.
[2] No but seriously, don’t listen to things I say about pranks, especially any appreciation of them in any way; if you ever play a prank on me I will hate you forever, no matter how subtle or clever or creative it might be.