this week in “things on the internet that delighted me”

It’s February 15th, aka the most important day of the year: the day that Valentines Day candy gets marked down. I’m pretty excited for all the marshmallow hearts I’m gonna eat, you have no idea.

Here’s a few things to look at while you’re munching on discount chocolates!

  • If the extreme right-wingers are right and gay marriage is the start of a slippery slope where society will crumble because people will be marrying, like, five million dogs and a lamp wearing a wig, I hope I’ll be allowed to marry this Ricardo Sternberg poem that went up recently.
  • This kickstarter, for an illustrated limited edition of a YA novel, is already fully backed and has some kickass bonuses. Even if you’re not feeling the story (the author has the first 50 pages on her blog, so you can find out!), it’s worth checking out just for the artwork. If the weird marriage dystopia previously mentioned becomes a reality, I’m also going to marry the Brett Weldele piece from this project.
  • Gorgeous, gorgeous realistic Pokemon art done as a field guide.
  • Photos from a ridiculously fantastic Alice in Wonderland-themed project. Seriously, check it out, because I don’t even know how to begin describing it. I found it through one of the artists’ websites; their outrageously cool pinhole camera photography was going around on Tumblr awhile back.
  • This is a recipe for cheesy bacon ranch pull-apart bread. I haven’t made it yet, so I can’t vouch for its tastiness. I just thought you should know that it exists. It’s a thing. It could be yours. You’re welcome.
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