this week in “things on the internet that delighted me”

Today’s links are a little music-heavy — oh, my friends, you would not believe how long I’ve had ‘Stacy’s Mom’ stuck in my head. It’s horrible. I mean, the song is horrible, but having it stuck in your head is even worse. I’m starting to really feel bad for Stacy, though. She deserves better, and can’t just banish her predicament with good music like I can. Speaking of which, hey, link time!

  • When I find myself in times of trouble, Queen Beyonce comes to me. (No but seriously, this site is amazing.)
  •  Against Me!’s new album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, dropped this past month, and it’s completely amazing. The title track is my favourite, but seriously, you need this whole album in your life. Check it out, and also take a look at frontwoman/actual goddess Laura Jane Grace’s reddit AMA from earlier this week if you missed it!
  • Autostraddle had a playlist this week that was basically the soundtrack to all of my late-2000s feelings.
  • Not music-related, but my fellow Pluto fans will enjoy this article.

That’s it for today! Happy Saturday!  ♥


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